We create momentum for social causes

Nonprofits are not being heard in the age of misinformation and disinformation. Traditionally the advertising industry has never been for the nonprofit sector. It’s prohibitively expensive and complicated to navigate. That’s why we exist. We bring world class artists, talented creatives, strategists, and thoughtful designers into one dynamic firm that’s wholly dedicated to making advertising and marketing accessible to all.

For every person dedicated to mission, we walk alongside you.

• Graphic Design

• Motion Graphics

• Video Production

• Copywriting

• Branding

• Event Collateral


• Artist Collaborations

• Content Calendars

• Media Placements

• Event Productions

• Experiential Installations


• PSA Network

• Donated Media Negotiation

• Discounted Media Buying

• Guerilla Marketing

Our Toolkit
Community-Engaged Approach

By working alongside people who are most impacted by the topics we are working on, we design campaigns and strategies that challenge the status quo.

Select Partners and Clients
F.Y. Eye works with organizations, artists, activists, foundations, and media partners