Humans Making Change

We bring world class artists, talented creatives, dedicated strategists, and thoughtful designers into one dynamic firm that’s wholly dedicated to making advertising and marketing accessible to all.

Creative Humans

Illustrations by Kaitlyn Stubbs

Humans Behind the Scenes

Mark Cohen, Legal Advisor

Scott Piskin, Chief Financial Officer

Allison Silverman, Senior Strategy Advisor

Bob Wolf, Senior Advisor

Board of Humans

Grace Chung, Community Development Officer, Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Mark Cohen, Chief Legal Officer, FJC

Eva Kantrowitz, Chief Strategy Officer, Horizon Media

Lorin Silverman, Founder and President of the Board, SC Group

Adam Rattner, Executive Vice President of Global Growth, WPP

Raj Sarkar, CMO Advisor, 1Password

Friends of F.Y. Eye

Michael Adams, Executive Director, SAGE

Jaci Fletcher, Director of Marketing, 14th Street Y

Elizabeth Kandel, Director of Marketing, Roundabout Theatre

Jacob Lepiarz, Account Director, Craft & Commerce

Jack Minton, Associate Vice President, Guidepoint

Linda Minton, Healthcare Consultant, East End Strategic

Chris Palmedo, Associate Professor of Media Marketing and Communications, CUNY School of Public Health

Jessica Ragusa, Vice President, SpaceCamp Media

Anna-Claire Salama Caro, Marketing and Advertising Professional

Rachel Simons, Founder and CEO, Seed+Mill

Susan Stamler, Executive Director, United Neighborhood Houses

Livia Veneziano, Director of Product Design, PWNHealth

Alice Wong, Executive Director, NYC Managerial Employees Association