We strengthen community voices and ensure everyone has access to vital information and resources to thrive.

Our mission is to build public awareness about critical nonprofit resources, programs, and messages by creating and distributing community-driven public service announcements with local artists and creators.


We believe an informed public
drives an inclusive democracy.

Nonprofits are the trusted voices that shape our communities and pave the way for a more inclusive and just world. But in today's crowded media landscape, these vital voices from local communities are often drowned out and lack the tools to harness the power of media and design as catalysts for social impact.

In 2005, F.Y. Eye had a vision to transform the public square into a more equitable and community-centric space. It all began with our PSA Network, a community media cooperative bridging trusted messengers to underserved populations in NYC. As our movement to democratize advertising continues to gain momentum, we are passionately dedicated to empowering nonprofits to not just survive, but thrive, in this complex media landscape. We work to dismantle barriers and ensure that everyone, absolutely everyone, has unrestricted access to the life-changing resources and services offered by the nonprofit sector.

Select Partners and Clients
F.Y. Eye works with nonprofits, artists, activists, foundations, and media partners

in Action

Our team brings together a diverse and dedicated group of changemakers with experience and expertise in communications, design, philanthropy, law, and nonprofit strategy.
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We understand that our movements for change are inherently tied to our internal values and practices.  We believe in the power of partnership to drive systemic change and work relentlessly to create a vibrant, equitable, and just public square.
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