Those who tell our stories, shape our future

Those who tell our stories, shape our future

Advertising is prohibitively expensive. Nonprofits make up only 2 percent of the $285 billion advertising sector. This means community voices are effectively silenced in the age of misinformation and disinformation.

It all started with one PSA.

Seventeen years ago, a group of civically-minded New Yorkers realized that community-based organizations did not have equitable access to the same tools as the private sector. In response, they created the first and only out-of-home advertising space for nonprofits, by nonprofits.

One billboard in one nonprofit organization’s lobby transformed into a network of hundreds of digital screens providing free advertising space in all five boroughs of NYC and beyond. As our movement continues to expand, F.Y. Eye helps nonprofits navigate the media landscape in order to get trusted messages into the public square.

Creative + Strategy

We know how powerful the combination of thoughtfully-crafted narratives and beautifully-designed visuals can be—especially when you’re trying to distill complex concepts into understandable ideas.

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PSA Network
25 Million

The only free media space reserved exclusively for nonprofits in the country. Our screens are housed in nonprofit centers and display nonprofit PSAs. We democratize advertising by putting the power of media into the hands of grassroots community organizations.

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Art-Driven Campaigns

Socially-engaged artists from our network collaborate with us on various political, cultural, and community-based campaigns. F.Y. Eye acts as the creative and connective hub throughout the lifespan of the entire project.

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Trusted information has never been more important.