We bring nonprofits into the public square
As a nonprofit serving other nonprofits, we have a unique understanding and approach to help you communicate why people should care as much about your cause as you do.
Impact Artist

We believe art is at the center of how to shift some of our nation’s most complicated social issues. Our artists play a central role in moving the needle on a range of issues from public health to gun violence, voting rights, immigration and more.


Our PSA Network is the only free media space in the nation that enables nonprofits to amplify their services to the communities that need them the most. Utilizing digital screens placed in nonprofit spaces nationwide, the PSA Network connects people to trusted and reliable information.

Media Planning +

As a strategic media partner, we help secure discounted and donated placements for all of our nonprofit partners. We work to bring communities reliable information and resources through a variety of grassroots as well as national media placements.

Creative +

Every brand, whether charitable or for-profit, is in the game of fighting for people’s trust and attention. It’s difficult to rise above the “noise”. We know how powerful the combination of thoughtfully-crafted narratives…

"A phenomenal partner— F.Y. Eye brings talent, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness to every meeting. They are great listeners and really invested in getting to know our organization and our goals."
MEG BARNETTE CEO, Nonprofit New York
“F.Y. Eye has a superpower ability to tell community stories from the community perspective.”