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Big Apple Greeter
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About this PSA

Big Apple Greeter is actively recruiting volunteers from diverse neighborhoods across the five boroughs. By engaging proud New Yorkers in this unique opportunity to promote their favorite neighborhoods and small business, not only do the city’s communities benefit but volunteers gain new skills, such as leadership, practice language skills and make friends from around the world.

About the Organization

Founded in 1992, Big Apple Greeter is the world’s first free “Welcome Visitor” program. Big Apple Greeter builds bridges between people and promotes cross-cultural understanding. Volunteer Greeters welcome visitors from all over the world to New York City, and the visitors they share their time with go home with a better appreciation of the diversity and vibrancy of New Yorkers, and Americans as well. Greeters share their favorite neighborhoods and “hidden gems” with tourists from all over the world, and share stories of growing up, living and working in New York City. While sharing neighborhoods that are off-the-beaten path, Greeters introduce visitors to the wonderful mom-and-pop stores that make New York City great. Greeters are not professional tour guides, they are everyday New Yorkers who get to meet and connect with new people while showing pride in their hometown.