Beyond Lies
Climate Museum
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About this PSA

Beyond Lies is a participatory public art collaboration with celebrated illustrator Mona Chalabi. This Climate Museum initiative features a series of posters by Chalabi distilling extensive work by investigative journalists and academic researchers on the fossil fuel industry’s long-standing disinformation crusade. The campaign offers pathways to further learning and inspires community action to break the industry’s grip on climate policy.

About the Organization

The Climate Museum’s mission is to inspire action on the climate crisis with programming across the arts and sciences that deepens understanding, builds connections, and advances just solutions. Through its public programming, the Museum creates an activist, cultural approach to community engagement with climate, recognizing that most Americans are worried about the crisis but are unsure how to take meaningful action. As the Museum scales out to a permanent, year-round presence in New York City, its free, accessible exhibitions, events, and youth programs have broadened the climate movement with an emphasis on community, justice, equity, and inclusion.