Brooklyn Eviction Defense
Art Against Displacement
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About this PSA

The mission of this PSA is to let tenants know they aren’t alone. This includes our unhoused neighbors, our neighbors on leases and subleases, incarcerated people, and our neighbors (who aren’t landlords) paying rent to the banks in the form of a mortgage. Brooklyn Eviction Defense is an autonomous coalition of tenant associations & organized-tenants fighting landlord harassment, disrepair, rising rent & threats of eviction. The project’s goal is building tenant power and tenant agency.

About the Organization

Based in Manhattan’s Chinatown and Lower East Side, Art Against Displacement (AAD) is a coalition of artists and arts workers that seek to amplify the demands of those whose lives and livelihoods are placed at risk by predatory development and resettlement, and to work in solidarity with grassroots organizations toward community-led rezoning. The group affirms that gentrification is not an inevitable effect of urban development, and refuses to let the work of cultural producers be instrumentalized towards the displacement of long-term residents and businesses.