Career Opportunities for Seniors
The WorkPlace
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About this PSA

MaturityWorks is a job training program designed for individuals aged 55 and older who are seeking to re-enter the workforce. Enrollment is now open for the program, which features paid job training at local non-profit organizations. Participants are matched with training assignments that fit their skills and training needs. While enrolled in the program participants receive compensation and support to secure employment.

About the Organization

The WorkPlace is a nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping individuals with the skills and resources necessary for successful careers, simultaneously fortifying the workforce for employers. Recognizing the transformative power of employment, their tailored programs dismantle obstacles, fostering education and training to empower individuals to thrive in today’s modern job market. Initiatives such as MaturityWorks, Second Chance Re-Entry, and Young Adults have facilitated countless individuals in securing and sustaining meaningful employment opportunities.