Caregiver Burnout Is Real
Sunnyside Community Services
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About this PSA

Caregiver Burnout Is Real strives to acknowledge, validate, and raise awareness of the often-unseen work of family caregiving, especially for caregivers looking after family members or friends with memory loss. Many of these same caregivers are working across multiple generations as well, caring for both children under 18 as well as parents over 65. Care NYC, Sunnyside Community Services’ caregiver support program, strives to reach people caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia before the strain becomes too great, providing services such as educational workshops, respite home care, counseling, and more.

About the Organization

Sunnyside Community Services (SCS) is a community-based nonprofit centered on the belief that every person deserves meaningful support to achieve their aspirations – especially struggling families and individuals. SCS was established in Sunnyside, Queens in 1974, and has expanded its reach to include programs that provide support for young people, families, seniors, immigrant groups, and more across a number of different neighborhoods and boroughs.