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One Degree
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About this PSA

Poverty is a struggle, made harder by a disjointed social safety net, where accessing basic resources can be a full-time job. This PSA spotlights One Degree's community-resource platform, which enables access to over 5,500 free community-based services and benefits across New York City. Spanning all five boroughs, the platform addresses essential needs including housing, food, legal, education, and employment, simplifying the journey towards assistance and support.

About the Organization

One Degree is a tech-for-good nonprofit that works with public sector clients and community-based organizations to build world-class technology with heart. By building community care networks, One Degree aims to bridge the gap between low-income communities and vital resources, from housing to healthcare and beyond through equity-centered technology and deep community partnerships. Their mission is to empower people to build healthy and fulfilling lives.