Immigration News As It Matters To You
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About this PSA

Documented's Immigration News As It Matters To You campaign invites New Yorkers, whether born here, recently arrived, or somewhere in between, to stay informed about the most pressing issues and policies affecting the City's immigrant communities. Immigration is a powerful political messaging tool and an often misunderstood experience. Reading Documented's credible, community-powered reporting is an act of solidarity with immigrant New Yorkers and a step toward a stronger, more inclusive New York for all.

About the Organization

Documented is the go-to source for news, investigations, and resources that center and serve immigrant New Yorkers, engaging with a community of readers in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and Simplified Chinese. Their website, flagship Spanish-language WhatsApp-distributed news service, Documented Semanal (which reaches over 6,000 majority-undocumented New Yorkers), and the thrice-weekly Early Arrival newsletter (a roundup of top immigration news and Documented exclusives widely read by local advocacy and service professionals), all work towards a more inclusive city.