Family Reunification
Release Aging People in Prison
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About this PSA

RAPP provides a community of support, resources and tools for formerly incarcerated people and loved ones of those serving long sentences in aim to reunite families, strengthen communities and provide a chance for redemption. Led by formerly incarcerated people and family members of people in prison, RAPP works to end mass incarceration and promote racial justice through the release of aging people in prison and those serving long sentences.

About the Organization

Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP) is a grassroots advocacy campaign working to end policies that have more than doubled the number of elders behind bars over the past 20 years, expand the use of parole, compassionate release, and clemency, and end life imprisonment. RAPP wants to free incarcerated elders that have served decades in prison who have taken responsibility, transformed their lives, developed profound skills and abilities, and who pose little if any public safety risk; combatting the system of endless punishment that fuels mass incarceration, and damages Black and other communities of color.