Freedom Is
Free to Be Youth Project
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About this PSA

Freedom is having my identity affirmed by law. Clients come to Free to Be Youth Project (FYP) for the legal protection of their identity. From name and gender marker changes to public benefits and immigration cases, FYP serves LGBTQ+ youth living at the intersections of multiple forms of oppression. Poverty, criminalization, and harassment disproportionately impact their clients, who are predominately people of color, immigrants, and those impacted by mental health concerns or HIV. They face a gauntlet of limited or non-existent youth-oriented services, bureaucratic barriers, and high-risk encounters with police. These systems and struggles can close the doors to freedom, but clients know what freedom means to them. Watch these teaser videos to learn about clients’ unique perspectives on Freedom, and stay tuned for the full film out this Fall. 

About the Organization

The Free to Be Youth Project (FYP) provides free legal services for homeless and at-risk LGBTQ+ young people up to the age of 24 and systemic advocacy for the LGBTQ+ youth community. The Project is housed at the Urban Justice Center, a non-profit law collective serving New York City’s most disenfranchised poverty populations. Founded in 1994, FYP offers legal services to LGBTQ+ youth and young adults facing homelessness, involvement in the juvenile justice system, or foster care. The organization works directly with youth in drop-in centers, providing assistance with immigration issues, disability benefits, name changes, public assistance disputes, housing access, and shelter access issues.