Get to Know UCHC
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About this PSA

Union Community Health Center (UCHC) provides services to over 38,000 unique patients regardless of insurance or ability to pay. They provide assistance with resources and referrals to a wide variety of communities, including veterans and those who have served through the website and through their Veterans Liaison Program. This PSA shares information on all of their offerings, directing people to a variety of informed, innovative, and outcome-oriented healthcare services designed and delivered to improve the health of Bronx residents.

About the Organization

Since 1909, Union Community Health Center has been a cornerstone of the Bronx, serving all those in need of healthcare. They offer comprehensive healthcare services which include; adult and pediatrics, COVID-19 vaccines, booster and testing, rapid care, physical and occupational therapy, behavioral health, and dental services. They also provide an extensive list of specialty services that includes audiology, optometry, speech and language (English and Spanish), and more.