Heat Advisory
F.Y. Eye
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About this PSA

New York City faces deadly extreme heat during summers, with temperatures 10 degrees higher than surrounding areas due to heat-trapping materials like asphalt and concrete. Hundreds of preventable deaths occur annually, especially among vulnerable individuals with health conditions. Lack of green spaces also contributes to the risk. Stay informed, take precautions, and protect yourself and others during extreme heat events. 

What you can do:

  • Monitor the weather forecast for upcoming heat waves.
  • Call 311 or find a cooling center in New York City.
  • Urge people at risk and caregivers to use air conditioning or go to an air conditioned place.
  • Check on family, neighbors and friends to make sure they are safe and cool.
  • Encourage them to get to a cool place.
  • Make sure they are drinking plenty of water.
  • Be alert for signs of heat illness, and call 911 immediately if someone shows these signs.

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