Housing Explainers
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About this PSA

Navigating New York City's complex housing rules and regulations can feel like an impossible maze. Between rent stabilization, preferential rents, eviction policies, affordability requirements and more, it's easy for renters to get lost. To empower NYC residents with the knowledge to rent smart, nonprofit newsroom THE CITY has created simple, straightforward explainers on key housing issues. Whether you're an experienced NYC renter or new to the city, THE CITY's housing explainers cut through the jargon to give you the information you need.

About the Organization

THE CITY is a nonprofit, nonpartisan digital news platform committed to delivering impactful accountability reporting for the people of New York. Operating without subscription fees, THE CITY provides high-quality, unbiased information to empower citizens in making informed decisions, acting as a vital bridge between local government, the private sector, and citizens.