It's Not Just In Your Head
Let's Talk Menopause
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About this PSA

It’s Not Just In Your Head is a campaign to educate the public about menopause and its effects. While menopause is commonly thought to be something that women experience in their late 40s and early 50s, it is actually a multi-phased, years-long experience that can start much earlier and includes a variety of symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, depression, joint pain, low libido, urinary tract infections, weight gain and more. In addition to the physical, emotional, cognitive, and long-term health implications, there are a number of societal and workplace-related issues for women that also need to be addressed. Let’s Talk Menopause pushes this important conversation forward.

About the Organization

Let’s Talk Menopause is a nonprofit invested in changing the conversation around menopause, so women are empowered to get the information they need and the support they deserve. Let’s Talk Menopause empowers women to navigate all stages of menopause, advocates for the medical community to invest in caring for women throughout menopause, educates the public about menopause so that topic is no longer taboo, and connects women to find community and support throughout menopause.