Job Skills Training
Brooklyn Workforce Innovations
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About this PSA

Brooklyn Workforce Innovations (BWI) provides free job skills training and job placement services to New Yorkers who need them. BWI is one of the top workforce development providers in NYC and sets itself apart from other organizations with its focus on growing, local industries and the long-term career support provided to participants after training. Throughout the year, their programs regularly recruit for jobseekers in the fields of woodworking & fabrication, film & television, customer service in tech, telecommunications and cable installation, commercial driving, and more.


About the Organization

Since 2000, Brooklyn Workforce Innovations (BWI) has been helping those with significant barriers to employment access careers through skills training, access to employer-recognized credentials, job placement, and career development support. Their programs counter prevailing market inequalities, especially those based on race or gender, and contribute to a broader movement for economic justice.