No Senior Left Behind
West Side Federation for Senior & Supportive Housing
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About this PSA

For nearly 50 years, the West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing (WSFSSH) has been providing affordable housing and supportive services to seniors through Manhattan and the Bronx. With the growing number of seniors in NYC, especially those experiencing homelessness, WSFSSH is there to provide support and leave no senior behind.

About the Organization

The West Side Federation for Senior & Supportive Housing (WSFSSH) was formed in 1976 by a coalition of social service agencies, religious institutions, and community organizations working to create a new form of housing – one that would meet the diverse needs of older people and persons living with special needs. Today WSFSSH houses over 2,500 people in 30 buildings located on the Upper West Side, and in Harlem, Chelsea, and the Bronx.