Permanent Supportive Housing Stories
St. Francis Friends of the Poor
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About this PSA

St. Francis Friends of the Poor aims to raise awareness of the many lives that have benefitted from permanent supportive housing. Myrna, like their other residents, led a full life up until severe mental illness changed everything. Now, she never has to worry about where she will live again, let alone how to survive. To learn how permanent supportive housing works, visit St. Francis Friends of the Poor's tenant stories page.

About the Organization

Thank you to St. Francis Friends of the Poor for providing this PSA. St. Francis Friends of the Poor is a nonprofit that offers permanent supportive housing to unhoused people with histories of severe mental illness. Founded in 1980 by three Franciscan Friars seeking a solution to the city’s homeless crisis, they pioneered the concept of permanent supportive housing. Today, they provide affordable, permanent housing coupled with on-site medical, psychiatric, wellness and social services designed to help their nearly 300 residents thrive.