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NYC Civic Engagement Commission
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About this PSA

"The People's Money" is New York City's annual citywide participatory budgeting process. Now through June 12th, all New Yorkers 11 and older can vote on how to spend $3.5M from the city budget. The projects on the five borough ballots, all proposed by New Yorkers, address a wide range of community needs, including mental health, youth programs, food security and nutrition, and vocational training. The winning projects are being implemented by community-based organizations. Vote online at or in person at select sites.

About the Organization

The People’s Money process is run by the NYC Civic Engagement Commission (CEC). The CEC and the participatory budgeting initiative were created by citywide referendum in November 2018. In Cycle 1 (2022-2023) of the citywide participatory budgeting process, a total of 46 community projects were funded with $5M in city funds.