Recovery Is For Everyone
T'Shuvah Center
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About this PSA

Addiction remains stigmatized and hidden in families and communities around the country. There's a common misconception that people in the Jewish community don't suffer from addiction. The need for a Jewish response to addiction in New York City, home to more Jewish people than any city in the world outside of Israel, is dire. T’Shuvah Tuesday, a weekly in-person program, gives clients the opportunity to learn recovery skills, enrich their spiritual lives, and build lasting connections with the community.

About the Organization

T’Shuvah Center is a nonprofit with a mission, as an intentional spiritual recovery community for people living with substance and process use disorders of all kinds, to have access to the resources needed to support their recovery. Based in New York City, they integrate Jewish wisdom, text and ritual, the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, counseling, and spirituality to help those suffering find a path to recovery. They nourish a diverse array of people from all across NYC, welcoming people from Jewish and non-Jewish communities alike.