Register to Vote Online
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About this PSA

Every year, millions of Americans forget to, or simply miss the opportunity to register to vote. DUSA’s online voter registration tool makes it easier than ever to register to vote. Registering takes less than 2 minutes and can be completed from anywhere in the US! Don’t be a statistic, head over to to get started!

About the Organization

DUSA is the largest Dominican-American civic engagement organization in the US. Over 175,000 voters have registered and mobilized since 2014. Dominicanos USA (DUSA) is a 501(c) (3) non-partisan organization founded in 2013 that is committed to the civic, social, and economic integration of Dominican-Americans into the fabric of American society. DUSA strives to ensure that every U.S. citizen is able to freely exercise their civic rights, realize their full potential, and capitalize on all opportunities the United States has to offer. Our contribution to making this vision a reality begins with our work in the Dominican-American community.