Reuse Revolution
Beyond Plastics
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About this PSA

No one wants a drawerful of single-use plastic forks and straws they'll never use, or for our oceans to become a giant garbage dump filled with plastic trash. Especially when those plastics are accelerating climate change, harming wildlife, polluting our air, water, and soil, and ending up in all of our bodies. The Reuse Revolution helps you say no to wasteful, polluting single-use plastics. These 10 simple tips, swaps, and steps help you refuse single-use plastics and embrace a reuse and refill lifestyle that's healthier for you and for the planet.

About the Organization

Beyond Plastics is a nonprofit campaign that aims to end plastic pollution everywhere. They've helped champion NYC's recent single-use plastic bag bans, Skip the Straw law, and brand-new Skip The Stuff law to help reduce the amount of unnecessary single-use plastic polluting our air, water, soil, and bodies.