Skip the Stuff
Beyond Plastics
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About this PSA

After many years of grassroots activism by hardworking New Yorkers working to reduce litter, single-use plastic, and waste, the city's new Skip the Stuff law went into effect on July 31, 2023. The law stipulates that New York City food service establishments* providing take-out and delivery service must comply with these restrictions:

  • Do not provide utensils, condiment packets, napkins, or extra containers to take-out or delivery customers, including delivery and courier services, unless requested by the customer.
  • Online ordering and delivery apps must be set to a default of not providing these items. Customers must be provided with the option to request these items only if offered.

People can call 311 for any complaints or questions, or visit to learn more.

About the Organization

Thank you to Beyond Plastics for providing this PSA. Beyond Plastics is a nationwide nonprofit project working to end plastic pollution that was launched by Judith Enck, who served as US EPA Region 2 Administrator under President Obama. They've helped champion NYC's single-use plastic bag bans, straw law, and more to help reduce the amount of unnecessary single-use plastic polluting our air, water, soil, and bodies.