Vaccine Awareness
Bronx Health REACH
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About this PSA

Misinformation and disinformation around vaccinations have been running rampant across New York City. As a result of this, as well as a number of other inequitable factors, the Bronx has some of the lowest vaccination rates in the entire country, especially among Black and Latino men ages 18-44 years old. In an attempt to change this unfortunate fact and push back against this tide of mistruths, Bronx Health REACH partnered with F.Y. Eye to combat this unfortunate discrepancy through a powerful new series of PSAs. Together, a bilingual, portrait-based campaign was created to raise vaccination rates for New York’s lowest vaccinated population. F.Y. Eye leveraged the Impact Artist Network, an initiative connecting socially-engaged artists to issues they care about, to commission Bronx-based photographer Abigail Montes. Montes photographed vaccinated mothers and sons in well known areas across the Bronx.

About the Organization

Bronx Health REACH was formed in 1999 to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes in diabetes and heart disease in African American and Latino communities in the southwest Bronx. Since then, the Bronx Health REACH coalition, led by the Institute for Family Health, has grown to include over 80 community-based organizations, health care providers, faith-based institutions, housing, and social service agencies. Building on the progress made over the last decade, Bronx Health REACH will continue to work with community members, coalition members, partners, and funders to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes once and for all.