Bronx Healthy Start Partnership
Breastfeeding for Our Future

Bronx Healthy Start Partnership (BxHSP) and Albert Einstein College of Medicine worked with F.Y. Eye to address stigmas and misinformation around breastfeeding in the Bronx through a highly visible, targeted campaign focused on reaching new parents and their families. Working in collaboration with a broad cross-section of maternal health-related community organizations, F.Y. Eye and BxHSP partnered to raise awareness about the multitude of resources available to breastfeeding parents in the South Bronx, and beyond.



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Communities can make change by coming together. Our slogan “Breastfeeding for our Future” leaned into the idea that if the community supports breastfeeding, then the whole community benefits long-term. Using bold, bright graphics, directly connected to iconic areas of the Bronx, the bilingual campaign directed expecting mothers and new parents to a variety of services and resources that can assist them in continuing their breastfeeding journey after being discharged from the hospital.

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