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Destigmatizing breastfeeding in the Bronx

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Despite the proven health benefits of breastfeeding, a significant challenge exists in addressing racial disparities and inadequate healthcare in places like the Bronx. The Bronx ranks last in health outcomes – 62 out of 62 counties – in New York state, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Bronx also has the highest rate of maternal mortality rates of any city borough (Source: Office of the Bronx Borough President).

Systemic issues and medical racism hinder communities from accessing the advantages of breastfeeding, such as reducing the risk of various illnesses for infants.

our approach

Bronx Healthy Start Partnership (BxHSP) and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine worked with F.Y. Eye to address stigmas and misinformation around breastfeeding in the Bronx through a highly visible, targeted campaign focused on reaching new parents and their families.

With the slogan “Breastfeeding for our Future,” the campaign leaned into the idea  of community support and normalizing breastfeeding amongst their loved ones and the general public. 

In our mission to create an authentic and relatable campaign for the Bronx, we faced the challenge of finding representative photos. Utilizing a diverse range of imagery from the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee, our campaign became a more realistic portrayal, celebrating all backgrounds, multiple generations, and varied family structures, ensuring that every new mother in the Bronx could see herself represented and supported. Bilingual campaign creatives, accompanied by bright graphics and visuals connected to iconic areas of the Bronx, directed expecting mothers and new parents to a variety of services and resources that can assist them in continuing their breastfeeding journey after being discharged from the hospital.


Campaign imagery was shown to community members on their commutes via targeted bus shelters and on the streets via LinkNYC screens throughout the Bronx, encouraging and promoting the normalization of breastfeeding, and bringing greater awareness to the issue. This widespread outreach resulted in nearly 6 million impressions, amplifying the impact of our message across the borough.

By rallying together, communities can drive positive change, fostering an environment where the benefits of breastfeeding extend to the entire community in the long run.

The Bronx has the Lowest Breastfeeding Rate in NYC. A new Albert Einstein College PSA Hopes to Reach Bronx Mothers | Bronx Health Link

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