Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs
Vote Por Tu Barrio

When communities feel empowered to vote, everybody wins. Too often however, complicated policies, unclear eligibility rules, language barriers, and a variety of other factors keep people from utilizing the power they have as voters. Following up on the success of our Ranked Choice Voting campaign, we teamed up with DemocracyNYC and the Mayors Office of Immigrant Affairs to create a a bilingual voting rights campaign dedicated to empowering immigrant voices across New York City.



Impact Artist Network

Utilize community-based artists to speak out on behalf of their own community. Working with artist and activist Sol Aramendi, creator of the Project Luz photography collective, we commisioned a series of vibrant portraits highlighting members of the NYC immigrant community most affected by inequal voting access. The final campaign was a short, simple, straightforward declaration empowering people to vote... for their neighborhood.

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