Vaccinate For Mom

A research-backed vaccination campaign with local families

Bronx Health REACH

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During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the South Bronx reported some of the lowest vaccination rates across New York State, especially among Black and Latino men aged 18-44 years old.

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In response, Bronx Health REACH collaborated with F.Y. Eye to fight the onslaught of misinformation influencing the community, utilizing an outreach strategy that highlighted the interconnectedness of our personal vaccination decisions (without casting blame or increasing stigmas) to increase vaccination rates for Black and Latino men in the South Bronx.

The campaign’s messaging urged people to focus on an issue that matters to everyone: taking care of their families. Impact Artist Abigail Montes sourced and photographed four Bronx-based mother and son pairs, who served as community advocates for vaccination in their communities. In the end, the men featured in this campaign led the charge to help other men in their community make the right choice, proudly stating “I Got Vaccinated for My Mom."


Campaign visuals were displayed in targeted placements on bus tails and LinkNYC kiosks, as well as on social media, printed posters, and handouts for Bronx Health REACH to distribute to their community. Following the campaign in Fall of 2021, vaccine rates for men in the Bronx increased 20% at the end of the year, with over 72 percent of men in the Bronx receiving at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. (Source: NYC Department of Health Data)

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