Let's Talk Menopause
The Pause Apothecary

Menopause is a natural stage of life for half the population and yet it is a taboo subject. Many people, including those in the medical profession, do not understand menopausal symptoms, how to manage it, or even how to talk about it. F.Y. Eye worked with Let’s Talk Menopause and multimedia artist Macon Reed to develop an experiential art installation- the Pause Apothecary- at the SPRING/BREAK Art Show to build awareness and change the narrative around menopause. Taking the form of a fantastical pharmacy, the artwork examines social stigmas surrounding aging and infertility, and pushes back against the wide-spread devaluation of people’s personal experiences of menopause. It activated a space for sharing personal experiences around menopause and distributing educational information. The work spoke for itself, and it also received great press. It’s about time we all talked more about menopause, and we ensured people had the knowledge and resources they needed to keep the conversation going.


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