Census 2020

Increasing NYC’s census participation during COVID-19

NYC Census 2020

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Accurate census data is essential to effectively address the unique needs of New Yorkers, enabling informed decision-making by policymakers, and ensuring that resources are effectively distributed to support NYC’s diverse population.

New York City faced many challenges with the 2020 Census in light of the pandemic, including an early census count shutdown. A public education campaign was needed to raise awareness and census participation.

our approach

To overcome common participation barriers, such as knowledge gaps and distrust of local government, F.Y. Eye leveraged collaborations with local entities, including community media outlets, government agencies, and nonprofits to create a full-scale public education campaign for the 2020 Census.

Through these partnerships, F.Y. Eye strategically distributed Census messaging to every corner of New York City. This work included reaching families with young children, low-income communities, and the general public grappling with the pandemic's effects. 

Through creative tactics, such as placing 2,500 PSA posters on sanitation trucks in partnership with Sesame Workshop, distributing Census-themed fortune cookies with Wonton Food, and a public art challenge, we worked to overcome barriers to participation and foster widespread awareness.

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