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Thriving communities need strong foundations. To cultivate well-rounded individuals and ensure a better future, access to after-school programs, environmental education, and healthy living resources are crucial for all children. 

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Recognizing this community need, Harlem Grown, a local sustainability leader since 2011, launched a free program for grades K-5 focusing on urban agriculture, healthy living, environmental stewardship, and fostering leadership and teamwork skills amongst young minds.

In April 2024, F.Y. Eye collaborated with Harlem Grown to amplify their impactful after-school program. We provided guidance on media planning and buying to secure high-visibility placement on bus shelters across Harlem, working to maximize visibility to families across the community. In partnership with Impact Artist and renowned graphic designer Daniel Stark, we developed visually compelling PSAs featuring vibrant photography of Harlem Grown participants taking part in educational activities and using hydroponic garden resources.


By amplifying Harlem Grown's message through targeted PSAs and impactful visuals, F.Y. Eye helped pave the way for positive change within the community. The PSAs garnered an estimated 4.5 million impressions across Harlem. This successful campaign not only raised awareness about the program, but also empowered the next generation to embrace a healthy and sustainable future.

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