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With over 600,000 workers, making up almost 18% of the city’s workforce, and contributing over $77 billion a year to the city’s economy, the sheer impact of the not-for-profit sector on New York City cannot be understated (Source: Nonprofit New York).

Nonprofits are crucial for driving innovation and improvement, especially in the face of challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing pursuit of racial equity, marking a pivotal moment for their essential contributions to the city's recovery and progress.

our approach

In 2021, Nonprofit New York turned to F.Y. Eye to steward a campaign to change the narrative around the nonprofit industry in New York City. The campaign stressed that community is key, especially now and especially for nonprofits.

The campaign’s slogan “Nonprofits Make New York” simply and boldly states the prominent role that local nonprofit organizations play in the daily lives of our city’s communities. The challenges of 2020 underscored the vital role of nonprofits in the city's recovery, shaping the campaign's resonant message: "There is no recovery without us."

Using the existing campaign slogan and branding of Nonprofit New York, F.Y. Eye implemented the creative direction to further explore the sentiment of the campaign through portraiture of everyday New Yorkers and a flexible slogan system. In addition to traditional ad spaces, we also developed a short explainer video for the campaign, and a series of shareable videos that highlighted different sectors of the nonprofit industry to accompany the campaign; highlighting the importance of the city’s nonprofits in forwarding culture, addressing health inequities and improving the workforce.


F.Y. Eye was able to secure discounted and donated ad space for the campaign in New York Magazine (a one page ad), a screen feature ahead of a SummerStage concert, on LinkNYC screens, and Uber taxi toppers. Impressions for the campaign totaled to over 8.5 million, furthering awareness and strengthening the voice and power of New York City’s nonprofits amongst the public. 

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