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Methane gas, often colloquially referred to as "natural gas", poses many health and environmental risks, although there is much misinformation surrounding its safety and purported natural origins. Critically, it emerges as a potent climate super-pollutant, exerting an impact 80 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Acknowledging the significant environmental and health risks associated with methane gas and challenging the notion that it is a benign or natural alternative is imperative in moving forward to a cleaner and healthier future.

our approach

F.Y. Eye collaborated with Rainforest Action Network and the Gas Leaks project to develop a targeted and comprehensive media planning and buying strategy for the Gas Leaks initiative. 

The campaign planned to launch in September, strategically aligning with Climate Week 2023, and engaged a target audience through various channels, utilizing a mix of traditional and digital media platforms to maximize reach and impact. Leveraging Climate Week, the campaign’s messaging was amplified around the United Nations headquarters in New York City to reach political decision makers and concerned communities. 

By focusing on key geographical areas and communities, the campaign sought to spark conversations, raise awareness, and foster a collective understanding of the urgent need to address the risks posed by methane gas..

F.Y. Eye worked to maximize the campaign's reach by securing discounted and donated placements within the budget, strategically ensuring that the vital messaging about methane gas risks permeated urban environments through subway urban panels, LinkNYC digital kiosks, and Uber taxi toppers.


The campaign's impact was significant – garnering an estimated 27 million+ impressions. By infiltrating key touchpoints in daily urban life, the ad placements effectively heightened awareness about the misconceptions surrounding methane gas, fostering a collective understanding about its health and environmental risks, and propelling the community towards informed, sustainable choices.

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