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Democracy is reliant on voter participation not only in federal elections, but importantly, local elections. With increased voter participation, elected officials become more reflective of the communities they serve and their values. The New York City 2021 Primary elections served as an opportunity for better representation of elected officials, as the election was the first in the city’s history to be based around Ranked Choice Voting.

New Yorkers of all backgrounds, languages and ethnicities needed to be informed of the introduction of Ranked Choice Voting into the 2021 primaries, how it works in the polls, and why ranking one’s vote is beneficial in electing officials in New York.


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Impact Artist Network

F.Y. Eye led the development and implementation of a citywide voter education initiative that mobilized New Yorkers of all backgrounds to use their voting power to shape our communities.

In partnership with a range of nonprofits, community-based organizations, local artists and media groups, F.Y. Eye worked to mobilize New Yorkers of all backgrounds around Ranked Choice Voting. We built a Voting PSA Clearinghouse that provided a diverse array of nonprofit and community-created civic graphics translated in multiple languages for anyone to download and share. Select PSAs were displayed across NYC’s community media cooperative made of 100+ digital billboards located in trusted community spaces throughout NYC (The PSA Network) as well as other out-of-home media spaces such as bus shelters, small businesses, and LinkNYC among other strategic locations. In partnership with Democracy NYC and local artists’ group The Illuminator, some PSAs were illuminated across buildings in the city during community events and shown on television and radio ad spots.

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