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Survival Of The Richest

There can’t be any return to normal without an equitable vaccine plan for the common global good. Why are developing nations’ death rates four times higher than those of wealthy countries? The People’s Vaccine Alliance is asking that question to the World Health Organization, Pfizer, Moderna, and recently, with our help at the United Nations General Assembly. They are working around the world to address the barriers that restrict production and drive-up vaccine prices. Because when everyone doesn’t have access to lifesaving resources it puts us all in danger and prioritizes profits over human lives.


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Dystopian dilemmas necessitate bold action. Survival of the Richest? That was our question to leaders of the world and big pharma. And how did we get their attention? A highly visible, guerilla-style campaign that used the streets of New York as our canvas for good. Through targeted wheat pasting coverage throughout the east side of Manhattan during the UN General Assembly, sidewalk vinyl directing people to our dedicated wall of Survival of the Richest? posters and a highly focused social media campaign, we pushed this message directly into contact with the people who needed to see it the most.

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