The 2020 Sloan Public Service Awards

A public effort to honor and recognize the best in NYC's government

Fund for the City of New York

Creative + Strategy

Through their annual Sloan Public Service Awards, the Fund for the City of New York celebrates the contributions of the 350,000+ dedicated public servants who keep NYC running like a well-oiled machine.

our approach

The mission of this high-profile campaign was to promote broader awareness of the dedication of New York’s public service sector and generate excitement leading up to next year’s winner announcement. We created a dynamic campaign that celebrates public sector workers whose contributions are too often taken for granted. To do this, we created a series of portraits highlighting previous years’ winners along with the diversity of their sectors and the areas of the city that they each proudly represent. The campaign slogan, "Ordinary New Yorkers, Doing Extraordinary Things” lifted and celebrated an often-overlooked cohort of civil servants that dedicate themselves to the public good.


F.Y. Eye secured a donated one-page ad in New York Magazine, as well as a donated placement at City Parks Foundation's SummerStage to inform New Yorkers about the importance of public service and the program. We also collaborated with FCNY on an evergreen explainer video for the Sloan Public Service Awards that lives on their website.

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