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Discrimination against housing vouchers is the most common form of illegal housing bias in New York City. This illegal practice by landlords, brokers, and management companies leaves many New Yorkers with rental assistance unable to secure housing, leading to homelessness, unsafe living conditions, physical and mental health issues, and displacement.

our approach

Strategically launched in April for Fair Housing Month, posters were placed in subway stations across the city, garnering the attention of New Yorkers on their daily commutes. F.Y. Eye crafted an engaging and inclusive visual experience for the campaign, applying modern typography, vibrant gradients, and design elements to emphasize the digital accessibility of the resource. Partnering with UnlockNYC, a group led by women with firsthand experience of housing discrimination, informed the campaign development and ensured messaging resonated with voucher holders.


Strategic ad placements in over 250 locations, including subway platforms and community spaces, resulted in an estimated 26,075,072 impressions. F.Y. Eye's comprehensive approach fostered both awareness and actionable change in the fight against housing discrimination in New York City.

Thank you to Trinity Church Wall Street Philanthropies for making this project possible. It has been an honor to work with the entire collaborative team, including UnlockNYC, to bring this campaign to life.

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