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Direct outreach from election officials is increasingly important as voters struggle to find reliable, impartial, and trustworthy information about elections. Yet many election officials do not have the time and resources to consistently communicate with voters.

our approach

F.Y. Eye worked alongside ideas42, a nonprofit, nonpartisan behavioral design firm, to develop and implement designs for VoterCast, a new online platform that arms election officials around the nation with a seamless, accessible way to create tailored communication materials. Leveraging research in civic engagement and behavioral science—the study of how people make decisions and act in the real world—VoterCast offers a diverse array of templated design assets, from posters and ads to social media posts, aimed at simplifying complex information and engaging voters. 

Over two years, F.Y. Eye brought designs to life for VoterCast, evolving from county-specific assets to a full library of designs encompassing four key identities to ensure adaptability to various language tones and visual cues for different audiences. During this period, ideas42 and F.Y. Eye collectively developed over 500 assets covering a wide range of topics, from voter registration deadlines and ballot tracking to election day notifications, providing extensive support for election jurisdictions.


VoterCast's launch marked a significant milestone in supporting election officials. The platform is currently being used across 22 states and territories, and growing.

By streamlining the creation of voter outreach materials, the platform significantly reduces the time and effort required for communication tasks. Carly Koppes, Weld County Clerk and Recorder, attested to the platform's efficacy, stating, "In 2020, I was spending up to eight hours a week making voter outreach materials. VoterCast was so nice because I literally spent one afternoon doing all of my communications for the upcoming election," highlighting the power of the platform.

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