Sloan Public Service Awards 2024

A public effort to honor and recognize the best in NYC's government

Fund for the City of New York

Creative + Strategy

Public service work is the cornerstone of a thriving and equitable society, ensuring that essential public needs are met, communities are supported, and the common good is prioritized.

The Sloan Public Service Awards, presented by the Fund for the City of New York (FCNY), serve as a testament to the unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions of the hundreds of thousands of NYC public servants.

our approach

Building on the success of our 2021 campaign, F.Y. Eye developed a digitally-driven campaign in collaboration with FCNY in 2024 to strengthen the overall awareness of the important work of the public sector and dedication of NYC’s 350,000+ public servants. 

Aligned with the core values of the city, the campaign honored the legacy of the Sloan Public Service Awards by showcasing impactful projects, sharing individual stories of success, and inspiring a culture of innovation and excellence in the sector. The slogan, “The City Starts Here,” emphasizes the vital role public service plays in the daily lives of New Yorkers. The visual identity of the initiative features a distinctive “S” motif, futuristic gradients, and elegant layouts, representing the forward thinking contributions of the awardees. Campaign creatives also featured individual “Stories of Public Service,” capturing the richness of experiences of the awardees who have long and accomplished careers in the sector.

Our creative team developed a user-friendly nomination toolkit, a strategic social media content calendar for FCNY, and amplification on F.Y. Eye's PSA Network, which is prominently featured on LinkNYC. These initiatives played a pivotal role in amplifying awareness, fostering community engagement, and highlighting the dedicated individuals serving the city.


This work helped bring the Sloan Public Service Awards to the forefront, encouraging not only more nominations for awards, but also an increased visibility and appreciation for the work of public servants. 

By spotlighting individual stories and fostering community engagement through the toolkit, amplification on community screens, and social media content, the campaign contributed to a deeper appreciation of the unsung heroes shaping NYC's future. Campaign messaging on the PSA Network reached an estimated 24 million impressions.

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